This website is of, by, and for the members of the Princeton University Class of 1967. Such members fall into three mutually exclusive categories:

(1) Regular members went to class with us back in the day and may be currently living or deceased;

(2) Associate members act on behalf of deceased regular members and are often their widow; and

(3) Honorary members have been selected by Class leaders for their contributions to both the larger University community as well as the Class specifically.

Things To Do

Review the list of missing classmates (which includes all three class member categories). Of course, "missing" does not mean that they are literally lost, only that we do not have current contact info. Any assistance in locating and communicating with them is greatly appreciated!

In general, give us feedback to put us back on the straight and narrow!

Things To Expect

In the coming months, we want you to be aware of all class affairs, including especially the preparations for our 50th Reunion. Class officers and volunteers are committed to communicating with you using multiple media, including not only this website but also email, snail mail, phone, and personal contact, as per your preference. No big surprise, we need a few good volunteers for some very satisfying work and comraderie. So it needs to be a two-way conversation.

Between now and April 2016, website pages recounting our undergraduate experience and previous reunions will be launched.

In April 2016, website pages supporting the compilation of our 50th Reunion Book and Survey will be launched.

In September 2016, website pages supporting registration for our 50th Reunion will be launched.