150th Anniversary - Email

November 17, 2019
Dear Classmates —

Our Mega-Mini Reunion in New York City last weekend was a great success in every way (except, of course, the final score). Well over a hundred classmates and family attended sold-out events at the Morgan Library and Museum on Friday night:

and at the Bar Boulud brunch, and buses, on Saturday before the game:

The '67 section at Yankee Stadium did its best, albeit in vain, to inspire the Tiger team:

The Class owes a debt of gratitude to our Mini Reunion Committee headed by Dave Martin and to the NYC Mega Subcommittee of Allen Adler, Dick Fiss, Bob Lem, and Ken Logan, who masterfully organized this wonderful event. Thanks!

You can see more photos and a list of attending classmates on the Class website:

We learned many lessons, the best of which is that the number of classmates interested in Class Mega-Minis is even higher than our optimistic predictions. We also learned that classmates will leverage Mega-Minis for associated Micro-Minis of roommates, teams, activities, etc. On Thursday night, for example, events were organized by Class constituencies such as the swimming team, the Nassoons and, of course the football team:

There will be more Mega-Minis in the future — stay tuned.
Gather Anywhere Micro-Reunions
The second annual Gather Anywhere Micro-Minis will again occur on the 67th day of the year — Saturday, March 7, 2020. They were a great success last year, and we expect that even more classmates will take the opportunity to see classmates who live nearby but seldom cross paths.
53rd Reunion
Princeton Reunions this year are the weekend of May 29, 2020. We will fill you in on Class Reunion events next Spring.
Many classmates, including AG Chairs Sadler Poe and Marty Eichelberger, think about contributions to Annual Giving by the end of the year. The link to AG is: Annual Giving

If you haven't yet gotten your Class dues (and contribution to PICS), send your check for $67+ to Class Treasurer Bob Lem, 3 Alvamar Court, Skillman, NJ 08558.

Thanks, and best wishes for the holiday season!

GO TIGERS ... GO Mighty Class of '67

Dick Prentke
President, Mighty Class of '67
Email: Dick@Prentke.com